Kent Creative Live

Kent Artists were invited by Kent Creative Live to present their creative interpretations on the theme Soil.

Works were chosen by:

  • Crista Cloutier, The Working Artist,
  • David Lilford - Lilford Gallery, Canterbury,
  • Fiona Parry, Programme Curator, Turner Contemporary,
  • Mark Paul Perry, Contemporary Artist & Director at SEEArt Fair;
  • Guy Portelli,  Sculptor & Director at SEEArt Fair,
  • Mitch Robertson - Head of Programming & Collections at Canterbury City Council. (The Beaney)

Paul's interpretation for SOIL was to create a series of four works, intended as illustrations to T. S. Eliot's poems, 'Four Quartets', its themes of time, memory, history and our connection with the earth and the elemental world.

'Time and the bell have buried the day..'
'Ashes to the earth..'
'The last of earth..'
'The end is where we start from..'

'The last of earth..' and 'The end is where we start from..' were selected to be part of the soil exhibition.