Landscape Painting Classes.

Throughout August Paul will be leading a series of landscape painting workshops at Creek Creative Studios in Faversham. This four day course, spread over four weeks aims to take a small, informal group on a journey through the many different approaches to the art of landscape painting.

 Following on from an introduction to materials and techniques Paul will be be covering the basic elements of landscape painting, using his own work and that of others as reference. Using water based media the classes will cater for both novices and more confident students alike. Through practical demonstrations and exercises the aim will be to explore the versatility of various media, using conventional methods but also more experimental techniques. Hopefully the students will take inspiration from our local environment - creek and coast, woodland and marshland - and sketchbook work/home research where possible will bring a useful contribution to the sessions. The overall aim, along with producing and presenting finished paintings, will be to have a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience, where people can work at their own pace whilst building confidence with a  more experimental approach.

You can view a number of Paul's various landscape painting via both the PAUL FOWLER and the Home links above. (Different paintings via each link, images on Home page are clickable).

If you are interested in attending please contact via for further details and a list of materials/equipment you might find useful to bring. Some Materials Are Included. Bookings can also be made through the Creek Creative website.
Creek Creative has a wonderful cafe which serves delicious homemade food every day, and is an ideal (and convenient!) destination for lunch...